Episode 1 – Social Media for Construction Businesses – What Next?

In this episode of Construction Marketing Podcast I’m discussing social media in construction and what businesses need to be thinking about next aside from the usual marketing activity with social media strategist, Su Butcher.

We discuss how social media is and should be treated differently to other marketing channels and how social media will impact various departments within construction businesses such as customer relations, business development and investor relations.


Listen to the first episode here or visit iTunes:

Show Notes & Links Mentioned:

Su’s website and blogs: http://www.justpractising.com
Workplace Trends Live: http://www.justpractising.com/workplacetrends2013
UKERC Research Download: http://bit.ly/green-deal-research
Su’s Training Workshops  (more coming in the new year): http://justpractising.eventbrite.co.uk

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Pritesh Patel

Host of Construction Marketing Podcast and Digital Marketing Consultant for Building Product Manufacturers. Interested in all things digital marketing and new tech in construction.


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    1. Thanks Andrew. Yes, even more so the industries who are ‘slow’ at adopting new technologies and a tad bit conservative. Although, I do have a podcast lined up soon discussing the usage of new technologies such as augmented reality and 3D printing and its impact on the construction supply chain.

    1. Thanks Leonie. My next podcast with Su focuses on the people aspect of Social Media. We talked a bit about it in this podcast but the next one digs a bit deeper into policies and impact on HR depts. Should be interesting. You can sign up to receive email alerts each time a new podcast is published by clicking on ‘Subscribe’ in the menu above.

  1. Great podcast – I look forward to the next one. I’d be interested to hear the successes (and otherwise) that people are having with social media and construction – we largely deal with SME businesses in the construction industry and many of them aren’t as online focussed as businesses are in other industries, although saying that, I think the growing use of smart phones, especially on site, will increase that. You touched on content marketing and I think this is fundamental to getting your social media going, it provides a more rounded strategic approach to using social media rather than it just being reactionary or broadcast.

    1. Hey thanks for the comment Simon.

      Agree that adoption and usage will increase over time influenced by smartphone usage. It’s one to keep an eye but as I’ve always said “the industry is ripe for disruption”.

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