Episode 9 – Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update – Should You Care?

IMG_2672Welcome to episode 9 of Construction Marketing Podcast where I share some advice, hints and tips around the latest Google algorithm update which is focused on providing its users with mobile friendly sites in search results pages.

Basically, mobile friendly sites will see a boost in rankings and non-mobile friendly sites will see pages demoted from search results on a mobile.

So have a listen and hopefully it will provide you with enough info to put a plan of action together if you don’t have a mobile friendly site and if you do – then to watch the numbers grow in Analytics.

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Pritesh Patel

Host of Construction Marketing Podcast and Digital Marketing Consultant for Building Product Manufacturers. Interested in all things digital marketing and new tech in construction.

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  1. As a professional SEO I’m happy to see the “demotion” of non mobile friendly websites. Web owners have been given plenty of warning to create a mobile friendly of their websites but many are still choosing to ignore it to this day. It has to be said though that there are still many websites within the construction industry who aren’t being demoted yet which makes it easier for them to be complacent.

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