Episode 8 – Full Stack Marketing Toolkit for Construction Marketers with Craig Sewell

craig-sewell-construction-marketerIn episode 8 of Construction Marketing Podcast I’m joined by Craig Sewell who is Brand and Marketing Director for Cubicle Centre. I’ve been following Craig for a while on Twitter and first met him at an event last year called Measurefest where we both shared some great insight into the world of marketing in construction whilst sipping on a beer or two.

We both share very similar interests in digital marketing and I know Craig is very much an early adopter of technology in marketing as well as getting involved in the BIM community. Craig has also presented at BIM Show Live at shares a lot of knowledge in the area of BIM from a manufacturers point of view. Craig has been there and done that! I secretly love Craig. He’s my kinda, no-nonsense marketer.

More recently, Craig has just built his own website using WordPress and featuring on his website is a wonderful resource which he has called “Full Stack Marketing Toolkit“. So I decided to speak to Craig about this toolkit and how it’s helped him create his own website and re-develop the company website. He shares some wonderful advice on using such tools to help understand your website, monitor competitor activity as well as streamlining internal processes.

You can reach Craig via Twitter here.

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Episode 4 – Interview with Founder of SpecifiedBy Online Construction Products Resource

In this episode of Construction Marketing Podcast I’m joined by Darren Lester, founder of the online building products platform, SpecifiedBy.


Darren talks to us about how and why he started SpecifiedBy and how it is evolving itself into a product data directory and a social collaboration platform.

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Episode 2 – Making BIM Pay with Dan Pitkin

In this episode of Construction Marketing Podcast, I talk to Specification Manager and BIM Co-Ordinator Dan Pitkin of AluK GB Ltd about making BIM pay for the manufacturer.

Dan enlightens us with his story following on from his blog post on the very subject and tells us about his own experiences of embracing BIM and making it a business activity for AluK Ltd. Dan provides his thoughts on how other manufacturers can adopt BIM, identifying some of the challenges and whether or not BIM gives you a competitive advantage over others.

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